April Lakilak

I help e-commerce brands tell captivating stories with on-brand written content from website copy to lead-generating content, blog posts, emails, and everything in between.

Are you an e-commerce business owner or a digital marketing agency catering to e-com clients? Do you need a copywriter who can take care of all things copywriting - from the web copy to the email campaigns to blog posts and Facebook ads?

Hi, I'm April. I'm a full-stack copywriter for e-commerce brands looking to tell their story to stand out from their sea of competitors. 

What makes me different from other e-commerce copywriters? I am an e-commerce business owner myself. I am the brain (and pretty much everything else) behind Nakikiramay PH, a local brand that offers unique sympathy gifts to the bereaved. I conceptualized and designed our first offering, a guided grief journal, and built our Shopify website from scratch.

I love telling brand stories because I love how it lets brands emotionally connect with their customers. So if you need a copywriter who will treat your business like her own, and who will constantly innovate to increase your leads and revenue, shoot me an email at april.jane.lakilak@gmail.com.


Below is a series of screenshots of my e-commerce store. Each picture has a caption that explains the thought process behind the copy. See the live website by clicking here.

The brand has a friendly voice that's warm but not too enthusiastic.
I am implementing a lead generation campaign using a simple sign up form and 5-step email flow made in Klaviyo.
The product description gives the readers an idea of what they can expect from the journal and answers some questions like "Will this work no matter who I lost" or "Will it work even if the loss was many years ago?"
The "About Us" page is the brand's chance to tell the target customers their story - who they are, their "why", and their brand promise.